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Security Advice

An ongoing series of informative entries

Always enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) whenever possible for logging in to accounts. You can also utilized Face ID on modern phones. Passcodes are essential and you can also use complex passwords when setting up accounts which incorporate a variety of characters and symbols, capitals and numbers. If using Microsoft Windows 10, 11 (etc/OS) then you need to have a good, up to date and current security software installed. I recommend ESET NOD32 antivirus or smart security. This software is available in 1 user, 3 users (3 pc's ) and 1 year renewable or 3 years renewable.

Always use your own device. Never log in to any of your accounts on public devices or computers as your keystrokes can be logged and sensitive data including credentials stolen. When installing apps onto your devices; only do it through the genuine apple store or Google Play stores to avoid malware.Change your Password/Pin/Passcodes Often at minimum every 90-days.

Remember that Microsoft or the Government never try calling you to ask or demand money on the phone; those are scams.

When in doubt; stop and ask an expert like me for advice.

Never connect to public wifi connections unless absolutely necessary. You can be exposed to attacks, data theft and loggers, eavesdropping or even ransomeware. Be vigilant about spoof emails that pretend to be legitimate from companies you use ranging from Netflix to your Bank. If you're not sure if it's real or not, just ask forward to me or call me up; i'll be glad to help. In the mean time do not ever click on any URL links within suspected spoof emails (Phishing) as you open pandora's box to virus's, malware and ransomeware or worse; data loss and browser hi-jacking. Do not panic even if the message is startling about your money, credit or the government 'trying to find you'.  

  Think logically about it and again; I invite you to contact me if you're unsure.

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