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eWaste is a toxic problem

An ongoing series of informative entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

31 August 2022

Rather than sending hazardous household e-waste to the landfill (or worse..for export to developing countries); keep it stored away or transfer ownership of it to someone else who might find it useful.  Old computers are often collectible memorabilia and have other intrinsic value.  You can also up-cycle to a reseller like me. Inquire within for more details. Email me here at For more information about eWaste please consult this David Suzuki foundation article about it.

Our Second Blog Entry

20 August 2022

Have it repaired; it's less costly than you think.  It's far beneficial to upgrade the components in say your Laptop Computer than to use valuable resources to replace it.  Memory upgrades, storage drives and replacement batteries are common up-cycle upgrades available. Inquire within (Email: Thanks.

Our First Blog Entry

19 August 2022

According to the UN’s Global E-Waste Monitor, a record 53.6 million metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019. Half was personal devices, such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers and laptops.

Consider your options for the entire life cycle of your electronic products and make the most responsible choices.  Buy off-lease used but Grade A working machines when possible. You'll save money and valuable resources.  For more about the U.N's article on eWaste, see this URL:

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